Digital Health and Wellbeing Conference

30 April 2018 Walton Hall, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA

The second Digital Health and Wellbeing Conference will be held between 30 April and 3 May 2018 at The Open University Campus, Milton Keynes. The conference is organised by the Health and Wellbeing Priority Research Area.

This year's theme is "Fusion - All things Digital Health and Wellbeing". The conference aims to challenge research and practitioners to explore, uncover and inspire the ethos of digital health and wellbeing, and how this can be deployed across varying environments, research and practice, innovation, health, public services, community and non-profit organisations.

The conference is seeking papers in the following areas, but are not limited: 

  • Assisted technologies
  • Cancer diagnostics and therapy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Death, dying and bereavement
  • Deployment of digital technologies in a clinical, academic or industry environment
  • Games for health
  • Ecosystems in the digital domain
  • Education/teaching
  • Environment(s) - clinical, community dwelling, rural, suburban and city
  • Ethics, theory and methods
  • Frugal technologies
  • Health (digital) literacy
  • Health discourse
  • Health prevention (e.g. fall risk)
  • International perspectives/interventions of digital health and wellbeing
  • Long-term conditions
  • Mental health
  • New routes to market
  • Privacy issues, digital health and wellbeing
  • Sexuality and reproduction
  • Social media
  • Technology and information management
  • Telehealth/care
  • Wearable devices and mobile apps
  • Young people, ageing cohorts, centenarians.

For more details, go to the Digital Health and Wellbeing Conference website