Industry and the private sector

Whether you are a sole trader, small to medium enterprise or large corporation involved in the healthcare and life sciences sector, the WMAHSN can support you and your organisation in the adoption of innovation at scale and pace.

WMAHSN encourages greater collaboration between industry, the NHS, local authorities and academic institutions and to boost innovation in healthcare and life sciences, promoting best health for the population and prosperity for the West Midlands. 

All life sciences industry and private sector companies within the West Midlands were automatically enrolled as WMAHSN standard members. The participation of private sector organisations based outside the West Midlands is also welcomed. The WMAHSN standard membership scheme will remain no cost for all West Midlands NHS organisations and local authorities, as it is subsidised by NHS England. WMAHSN intends to continue to deliver this no cost standard membership scheme for all of its stakeholders until the end of its NHS England licence. From 1 April 2016, WMAHSN will also offer a paid-for corporate partnership scheme, with additional benefits, services and premium access, for larger companies should they choose to do so. 

The membership scheme supports WMAHSN and its stakeholders to achieve the two key objectives of improving health and creating wealth by delivering improvements in healthcare across each of the priority programmes through industry collaboration and attracting inward investment.  It does this through membership networks and services connecting industry, NHS, local authorities, academics and researchers to accelerate the process of innovation and facilitate the adoption and spread of innovative ideas and technologies across large populations. Breaking down traditional organisational boundaries and building stronger relationships between members – coupled with better knowledge exchange – will bring lasting benefits as best practice is spread quickly and widely across the NHS in the West Midlands. We work closely with industry partners, developing and delivering programmes that lead to improvements in healthcare and the local economy. 

Through its opportunities for innovation process and the Meridian online health innovation exchange, WMAHSN wants to hear from industry members who can work with us on rolling out innovative solutions, models and technologies to address the challenges faced by the local health economy. Alternatively, the process encourages innovative solutions to gaps in current provision in the NHS or social care in the West Midlands. Proposals should have relevance to the WMAHSN’s priorities and enabling themes, and deliver better health and economic outcomes for the region.