Standard membership

All NHS organisations, academic and educational institutions, other public bodies, life sciences industry and private sector companies within the West Midlands are automatically enrolled as WMAHSN standard members. The participation of private sector organisations based outside the West Midlands is also welcomed.

The WMAHSN standard membership scheme will remain no cost for all WMAHSN stakeholders, as it is subsidised by NHS England. WMAHSN intends to continue to deliver this no cost standard membership scheme for all of its stakeholders until the end of its NHS England licence.

The benefits of standard membership of the WMAHSN include: 

  • Access to all WMAHSN expert networks:
    • The Innovation and Adoption Network will focus on service design and delivery, for NHS providers and commissioners, academics and industry. It will also provide standard member access to the Meridian online health innovation exchange, supporting the development of an innovation community, both in individual organisations and across the West Midlands region
    • The Digital Health Network will concentrate on digital approaches to health service delivery and the effective management of data
    • The Person-centred Care Network will focus on a person-centred approach to health service design and delivery for NHS providers and commissioners, academics and industry 
    • The Wealth Creation Network will offer facilitated industry innovation networking activity via the Commercial Hub
    • The Clinical Trials and Device Evaluation Network will share expertise in specialist clinical trials and device evaluation 
    • The Patient Safety (Collaborative) Network will look at specialist patient safety, innovation and learning networks, including drug safety
    • The Education and Skills Innovation Network offers facilitated education and skills, specialist innovation and learning networks
    • The Mental Health Innovation Network will support the sharing and adoption of innovation in mental health at scale and pace across the region, with a view to demonstrating improvements in health and increased wealth.
  • Access to the opportunities for innovations process
  • A suite of communications, including the monthly newsletter, website and news, articles and event alerts
  • Opportunities to attend WMAHSN events
  • Advertising opportunities and sponsorship and exhibition packages.

These benefits will provide an opportunity for meetings, co-production and collaboration that both feeds and informs innovation and improvement to deliver improved healthcare outcomes and create economic growth across the West Midlands.

Simultaneously, members are asked where possible to demonstrate a commitment to WMAHSN, through the attendance of events, through the distribution of communications to employees, promoting WMAHSN within their own networks and submitting items for our communications channels.

Through the implementation of its membership scheme, WMAHSN expects the following benefits to be achieved:

  • Engagement with industry at the highest level possible in order to resolve local health economy problems and create markets through a collaborative and solution-focused approach
  • Creation of a health economy that is known for best practice in delivering high-quality healthcare and economic wealth for its population
  • Provision of capacity and practical support to understand the best approach to the adoption of NICE guidelines and technical appraisals
  • An increase in the number of regional homegrown and commercialised NHS ideas, from conception through to widespread adoption
  • A reduction in the time it takes to implement innovations in order to realise patient outcomes, experience and service delivery benefits.

If you are interesting in upgrading your standard membership to enhanced membership, please contact Tony Davis, Commercial Director, on or call 0121 371 8061.

For more on membership, read our membership brochure or our handy membership on a page