West Midlands Query Tool

Clinical trials and evaluation

Partner Organisations

  • Institute for Digital Health (IDH)
  • University of Warwick


  • Digital health

Date Initiated

01 April 2014

Project Status

Regional rollout

Along with CURe, the West Midlands Query Tool  is a set of tools to support research in specific clinical areas and engage frontline clinicians through integration with core IT systems.  

The planned outcomes were to design, build and test a semantically aware West Midlands Query Tool that will enable easy authoring of distributed searches, using a controlled vocabulary and data standards repository.

Programme Outcomes

  • A sophisticated set of tools to support wider NHS engagement in research has been developed.
  • Finalised scope of functionality based on literature reviews and evaluation of components.
  • Integration of a sophisticated terminology service.
  • Developed relationships with leading NHS clinical IT systems to promote the integration of research into mainstream NHS business processes.
  • Readiness for practical feasibility study with one trial.
  • The platform is now available to support regional research activity.
  • West Midlands Query Tool will be available (through the Clinical Trials Theme) to accelerate participation in research activity across the West Midlands.
  • Progress updates have been routinely shared between IDH, the WMAHSN digital theme and the WMAHSN Clinical Trials Advisory Group.
  • The programme has successfully developed new modules for diabetes, obesity and oncology imaging and six organisations are taking part.
  • West Midlands Query Tool is now ready for adoption, but it is becoming a crowded environment and along with CURe, it may well be that adoption of the two programmes lies with other vendors as part of a larger offer to the regional research community.
  • 1,060 patients have benefited from the two programmes. 


1.       H. Dereli, L. Zhao, S. N. Lim Choi Keung, A. Asadipour, C. Golby, and T. N. Arvanitis, West Midlands Query Tool: Visual Query Building of Health Datasets, In Abstracts e-book of the 2014 West Midlands Health Informatics Network Conference, University of Warwick, Coventry: UK, p. 11, 2014.

Programme Lead

Professor Theo Arvanitis
e: t.arvanitis@warwick.ac.uk
t: 024 7615 1691