Patient safety

Our membership scheme has seven enabling themes to deliver four West Midlands-specific priorities, including digital health. The seven enabling themes have networks available to all members and three of the enabling themes have services tailored for our enhanced membership.

The national Patient Safety Collaborative programme was launched in July 2014 to help support a large scale change initiative across England, with the aim to improve the quality and safety of the NHS for patients by creating an open and transparent culture. Working with NHS England, this collaborative programme is led regionally by the 15 AHSNs and intends to improve the way care is provided at a local level, enabling front line teams to involve patients and their families in making healthcare safe. The theme also incorporates drug safety. 

The West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative, hosted by the WMAHSN, aims to improve safety and continually reduce avoidable harm by supporting organisations in working together to develop, implement, share and spread proven safety interventions that are based on rigorous, evidence-based scientific methodologies. The collaborative focuses on co-design and co-production with members and the spread of successful innovative approaches through a networked approach.

Patient Safety (Collaborative) Network 

The Patient Safety (Collaborative) Network offers facilitated specialist patient safety, innovation and learning networks, including the vitally important drug safety element, focusing on our four priorities. 

Patient Safety opportunities for innovation

All members have full access to WMAHSN’s opportunities for innovation process, which is delivered through the Meridian online health innovation exchange and allows them to propose innovative solutions to deliver on improving patient safety, specifically addressing patient safety in the four priority areas and which may need investment to spread at scale and pace across the region. 

Past and current programmes


The director of the patient safety theme is Professor Gavin Russell. To discuss this theme, please contact Peter Jeffries, Patient Safety Programme Manager, on or 0121 371 8061, or Helen Hunt, Deputy Patient Safety Programme Manager, on or 0121 371 8061.