Person-centred care

Our membership scheme has seven enabling themes to deliver four West Midlands-specific priorities, including person-cented care. The seven enabling themes have networks available to all members and three of the enabling themes have services tailored for our enhanced membership.

The person-centred care enabling theme will develop and roll out innovations that have the potential to save lives, improve the health of our population, and create wealth within the West Midlands. Through collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, patients, the public and the NHS, it is our ambition to make the West Midlands the UK’s most advanced region for person-centred care. 

Person-centred Care Manifesto

Person-centred care is one of the key components, and central to, the WMAHSN’s long-term vision. It is a key ingredient in ensuring a healthier region and must remain a central tenet to support the future affordability of NHS care. The Person-centred Care Manifesto presents the person-centred care service and how it applies to the implementation of evidence-based care pathways, innovation and evaluation of health and social care services. It sets out how most or all elements of person-centred care, alongside other enabling themes, are vital components of the WMAHSN’s work, cutting across all themes, priorities and programmes. This positions person-centred care as part of a holistic AHSN innovation service, rather than a standalone programme of projects, with similar principles to those embedded in the NHS Constitution.

Person-centred Care Network

The Person-centred Care Network is available for all our members and brings together a network of champions who have delivered evidence-based innovations and change at a local level, and offers support to all member organisations through the provision of a supported network focusing on minimising the risks relating to long term conditions, minimising unwarranted variation on a population-wide basis, encouraging quality improvement in delivery of care and developing action learning underpinned by the principles of person-centred care.

Person-centred Care opportunities for innovation

All members have full access to WMAHSN’s opportunities for innovation process, which is delivered through the Meridian online health innovation exchange and allows them to propose innovative person-centred care solutions to deliver on our four priority areas and which may need investment to spread at scale and pace across the region. 

Person-centred Care Service

The service is only available as part of our enhanced membership and offers: 

  • Practical advice, support and a range of readymade tools to support providers, commissioners and researchers in designing and delivering person-centred care
  • Access to the EIT Health KIC person-centred care communities and funding opportunities.

Past and current programmes



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