Wellness and prevention of illness

Our membership scheme is designed to deliver four West Midlands-specific priorities, including wellness and the prevention of illness.

The NHS Five Year Forward View covers areas such as disease prevention, service integration and flexible models of service delivery tailored to local populations and needs. WMAHSN is helping the healthcare system to deliver these aspects of the Five Year Forward View through the promotion of wellness and prevention of illness in the West Midlands population, enabling increased productivity and improved quality of life.

EIT Health KIC

One of the main mechanisms for delivering this priority is the EIT Health Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), established to tackle healthy living and active ageing in the UK and across the continent. WMAHSN is a major partner in this consortium of more than 50 core partners and 90 associate organisations of leading businesses, research centres and universities from EU countries. The West Midlands region is a key component of the KIC, participating alongside Birmingham Science City as a “health economy” and led locally by the WMAHSN.

KICs connect innovation hubs - known as Co-Location Centres (CLCs) - which will become leading centres of excellence, competing and collaborating with other innovation hubs across the world. KICs develop products, services and processes and nurture innovative, entrepreneurial people, and are required to turn investment into tangible economic and social impact. 

A set of frequently asked questions is available to help guide potential partners through the process. You can also view a brochure or a presentation, giving an overview of the programme and the intended impact on the West Midlands, or watch this short video.

In order to deliver on the wellness and prevention of illness priority, there are also seven enabling themes, all of which are on offer to WMAHSN members:

Wellness and prevention of illness opportunities for innovation

All members have full access to WMAHSN’s opportunities for innovation process, which is delivered through the Meridian online health innovation exchange and allows them to propose innovative solutions to deliver on the wellness and prevention of illness priority area and which may need investment to spread at scale and pace across the region. 

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EIT Health CAMPUS aspires to build a creative healthcare workforce that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship and help students and post-doctoral researchers raise their levels of expertise and employability. It will also support professionals and executives who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of healthcare and its industry and reaches out to citizens and enable them to manage their own health.

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The lead for the wellness and prevention of illness priority is Dr Paddie Murphy, EIT Health KIC Co-ordinator. To discuss this priority, contact Paddie on 07775 557032, Karen Morrey, EIT Health KIC Programme Manager, on 07811 261543, or Dr Claire Potter, EIT Health KIC Programme Manager, on 0121 371 8061.