About Us

About the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) leads and catalyses collaboration between academia, industry, health and care providers, commissioners, and citizens, to support continuous improvement of our region’s health and wealth. As part of the national AHSN Network, funded by NHS England, we seek out, test and accelerate the adoption and spread of innovative ideas and technologies with the potential to transform health and social care in the West Midlands and beyond.

We work to transform the West Midland’s health and social care by supporting the development of innovation and giving patients access to the most effective medical discoveries. By enabling the healthcare system to take advantage of innovations that can help to save time, money and lives, the WMAHSN is working to bring the West Midlands the future of health and social care, today.

The WMAHSN leads, catalyses and drives co-operation, collaboration and productivity between academia, industry, health and care providers and commissioners, and citizens, accelerating the adoption of innovation to generate continuous improvement in the region’s health and wealth.

The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network maintains a shared purpose and shared endeavour across its partners the stakeholders we serve; it will at all times be honest, transparent, inclusive and innovative.

    • Adoption and spread at scale: We work closely with health and social care, academia and industry, creating the right environment to adopt and spread innovation at pace and scale,
    • Supporting collaboration: We work in partnership with a range of organisations locally, regionally and nationally, supporting opportunities for collaboration and strengthening stakeholder connections,
    • Population focused: Our region is diverse and includes many of the most challenged, deprived, and vulnerable communities in the country. We aim to address the healthcare needs of our local population and beyond, to support patient safety and improvement of quality of care.

Our methods

In order to achieve our aims, we:

  • Bring together our stakeholders – NHS commissioners, providers of NHS services, industry, academia, the third sector and patients, carers and the public – to identify healthcare innovations and successfully spread them at scale and pace throughout the West Midlands and beyond,
  • Enable and support collaborations – between education, training, research, informatics and healthcare delivery,
  • Work with all who have a stake in health provision across the region – to build on the West Midlands’ growing reputation for adopting cutting edge technology to transform healthcare,
  • Offer networks where information can be shared and relationships built, successes shared and celebrated and solutions to healthcare challenges are identified,
  • Provide an innovation pipeline – bringing new ideas together with industry expertise and investment, as well as access to leading centres of applied health research.
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