WEBINAR: Grant Funding for your Innovation

24 January 2023-
24 January 2023
10:00 - 11:30

The WMAHSN, Medilink Midlands and TBAT Innovation invite you to attend this free Grant Funding webinar.

This event in collaboration with Medilink Midlands is part of the WMAHSN industry event programme, aimed to support the West Midlands innovation ecosystem, and to make the West Midlands healthier, more productive and deliver the best possible clinical outcomes for patients.

AT Innovation Ltd provide an in-depth look at the Grant Funding landscape, to fund the development of new technology in the Health & Life Sciences sector.

Grant Funding is available through many funding bodies – including Innovate UK, NIHR and SBRI Healthcare – to accelerate innovation in the UK by de-risking highly innovative research and development projects.

Current opportunities have up to £25 million available for businesses to apply for, but the competition can be fierce – knowing how to apply is essential.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Grant Funding Landscape
  • Regular competitions for Health & Life Sciences technology
  • How to find funding
  • Application best practice
  • Top Tips
  • How TBAT can help

Following the presentation, TBAT will be available for an open forum Q&A session, and the opportunity to book one-to-one consultations, for any follow-on or confidential questions about applying for Grant Funding.

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