Standard membership

All NHS organisations, academic and educational institutions, other public bodies, life sciences industry and private sector companies within the West Midlands are automatically enrolled as WMAHSN standard members. The participation of private sector organisations based outside the West Midlands is also welcomed.

The WMAHSN standard membership scheme will remain no cost for all WMAHSN stakeholders, as it is subsidised by NHS England. WMAHSN intends to continue to deliver this no cost standard membership scheme for all of its stakeholders until the end of its NHS England licence.

In order to deliver on our priorities, and as well as our networks, we also take the following approach via support programmes for our standard members.

Innovation and Adoption West Midlands - standard

Our Innovation and Adoption West Midlands service has two key elements for NHS members, Meridian and the Industry Innovation Gateway.


Our Meridian health innovation exchange is a pioneering interactive online exchange for anyone to share their innovations and ideas, build groups and networks and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare in the West Midlands. 

Meridian helps the NHS showcase their innovations, allows industry, social enterprises and academic institutions to collaborate with the NHS and industry on innovation challenges, matching innovations to NHS challenges and helping industry and social enterprises to understand and address the NHS’s barriers to adopting innovations.

Industry Innovation Gateway

The Industry Innovation Gateway, delivered by Medilink West Midlands, acts as a single point of entry for health technology and life sciences businesses to engage with the WMAHSN, providing an innovation pipeline that brings new ideas together with industry expertise and investment. The Industry Innovation Gateway will also seeks to create and facilitate innovation and research and development programmes on behalf of industry, academia and clinical stakeholders, which will attract additional investment into the region.

With comprehensive networks across the healthcare and life sciences sector, the Industry Innovation Gateway provides essential connectivity to the clinical, academic, business, regulatory and finance communities, helping NHS organisations to form new collaborative partnerships and to navigate the increasingly complex health innovation landscape.

The Industry Innovation Gateway can help you to form the links and collaborations needed to drive development and prosperity in the region, accelerate innovation, and optimise patient outcomes and economic growth in the West Midlands. The Gateway will support you by developing key relationships with appropriate companies and clinical groups with you, to assist the right innovations to evolve and move forward.

Working closely with MidTECH, the West Midlands NHS technology transfer office, the Industry Innovation Gateway helps NHS organisations identify opportunities for collaboration with SMEs, supporting the commercialisation of NHS intellectual property, resulting in licensing and spin out opportunities for industry which will impact on wealth generation and employment, further contributing to the local economy. 

The Industry Innovation Gateway firmly believes it is critical to ensure that initiatives encompassing innovation within the NHS are not separate from those involving industry; they are unequivocally part of the same ecosystem and reap greater and faster rewards collaboratively than they do separately. 

To access this service, contact Chris Dyke, Connectivity Manager, on or 0121 452 5630, or Joanne Mewis, Services Manager, on or 0121 452 5630.

Digital Health West Midlands - standard

The introduction of digital technology has brought about massive changes to our lives and the way we interact with other people and organisations. While many industries have embraced digital working, healthcare has yet to fully capitalise on these opportunities. The Digital Health West Midlands standard service seeks out innovations that have the potential to improve the health of our population and create wealth within the West Midlands. We are seeking to spread the use of existing technologies and to work with partners in developing new tools and services that benefit the region. Through collaborative partnerships with the NHS, academia, industry, patients and the public, it is our ambition to make the West Midlands the UK’s first truly digital health economy.

To access this service, contact Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, on, 0121 371 8061 or 07887 506198.