Hypertension (HT)

Published on 1 December 2021

About the project

Hypertension is when blood pressure remains higher than normal over time (at least several months). Hypertension occurs when the heart has to use more energy to pump against the greater resistance of the vascular system.

Hypertension screening is included in the NHS Health Checks Programme (in ages 40-74 year old) which seeks to invite people without a vascular condition or hypertension for a health check.

Identification of these patients can also be done with implementation of bespoke standardised searches to identify at risk patients, such as annual medication review, NHS Health Check, CVDPrevent and the RightCare CVD Prevention Pathway.

Diagnosis of hypertension can then be established using ambulatory blood pressure monitors and home blood pressure monitor, or digital solutions. Anti-hypertensives can then be prescribed to manage the condition.

Project ambitions

The overall objective of the project is to target high risk conditions (HRC) such as hypertension at scale within the West Midlands in order to prevent cardiovascular disease, and to identify and optimise treatment in people with known high blood pressure whose blood pressure is poorly controlled.

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Project team

Blair Elliott

Innovation Programme Manager

Lesley Devaney

Assistant Programme Manager

Nazish Khan

Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Lead

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