Pharmacy Virtual Wards: Learning Collaborative

Published on 19 January 2023

About the programme

Here at the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, we are working with NHS England Midlands to set up a community of practice to begin to unpick some of the challenges faced when delivering a pharmacy service to the virtual ward setting.

This will comprise initially of three meetings where we will bring together colleagues working across primary and secondary care. We will create a forum for participants to share their collective experience with setting up and delivering a pharmacy service to virtual wards. Through acknowledging the successes and barriers faced, we can support cross-system working, shared learning and ultimately improve outcomes.

Join the discussion! If you would like to participate in our community of practice or find out more, please contact

Project Ambitions

Our Community of Practice exists in order to:

• Share best practice
• Discover the most time effective route to success
• To ensure we capture learning from across the board and constantly improve
• To act as a receptacle of knowledge and ideas that we can share with others
• To become an open forum: a safe space for open discussion, debate, challenge and celebrate success


Project team

Anisha Leith

Innovation Project Manager

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