Development of a UTI Diagnostic Tool in Care Homes

Published on 23 August 2022

About the programme

It can be challenging to diagnose urinary tract infections (UTIs) in older people. This can often result in patients being misdiagnosed and over-treated for UTI; leading to risk of harm from inappropriate antibiotic use, without clinical benefit1.

NICE has published quality standards whereby adults aged 65 years and over should have a full clinical assessment before a diagnosis of UTI is made2. This aligns with our current project whereby we are working with the UK Health Security Agency to develop a UTI diagnostic tool for use in care homes.

We hope this will improve the diagnosis and management of UTI in this setting and support some of the key aims set out in the UK 5 Year National Action Plan to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance. This includes the ambition to reduce healthcare-associated gram-negative bloodstream infections and enhance accurate and timely UTI diagnosis3.

Project Ambitions

The WMAHSN aims to:

  • Support development of the UTI diagnostic tool through creating focus groups
  • Pilot the tool in care homes across the West Midlands
  • Collect feedback on tool usage and impact to further improve the intervention before wider spread and adoption.


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Project team

Anisha Leith

Innovation Project Manager (Antimicrobial Stewardship)

Clare Walsh

Assistant Project Manager

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