British Lung Foundation asthma project roll out

Long term conditions

Partner Organisations

  • North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group


  • Person-centred care
  • Education and skills

Date Initiated

31 March 2014

Project Status

In Progress

The roll out of the British Lung Foundation asthma project has recruited to one GP Champion role, endorsing commitment at CCG level, and a lead GP and practice nurse from each of the practices enrolled has completed one of the training sessions, which were well attended and have been evaluated highly. Following the training, healthcare professionals were invited to identify further training needs and a structured training programme was developed, with each practice offered opportunities to attend masterclasses, facilitated by the GP Champion, and to review the content of the reports received, discuss actions and agree next steps.

Planned outcomes include: 

  • To support the delivery of the best practice asthma initiative in North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent CCGs, improve asthma diagnostic accuracy, improve clinical management of risk and control, and improve patient self-management.
  • To improve diagnostic accuracy in general practice through the implementation of evidence-based guidance.
  • To improve management of asthma in general practice through the use of a toolkit of resources.
  • To educate patients with asthma about their condition.
  • To enable people with asthma to feel more confident about managing their condition, and to lead a normal life wherever possible.
  • To update associated CCG best practice resource document for asthma with other local clinical leaders.
  • To support leadership of technology enabled care services for patients with asthma via locally driven applications. 

Programme Outcomes

  • The GP Champion role in North Staffordshire CCG was recruited within a short time frame at the start of the project and the leadership, educational and communication elements of the role have secured continued engagement and focus on the overall objectives of the project. The GP Champion representing at practice, locality and CCG training events has endorsed commitment at CCG level. 
  • The GP Champion role in Stoke-on-Trent CCG, despite numerous attempts, was not recruited; alternative approaches have been applied which have achieved the same objectives. 
  • A lead GP and practice nurse from each of the practices enrolled completed an initial three hour training session introducing the aims and objectives of the project, project implementation pack, diagnostic and management tools, and resources including patient literature, personal written asthma management plans and inhaler placebo packs and inhaler technique assessment tools. Following the initial training health care professionals were invited to identify further training needs and a structured training programme was developed based on need and continues to be delivered in partnership with the Staffordshire North Respiratory Alliance. The training events have all been well attended and have been evaluated highly. 
  • Following practices receiving their individual practice reports, each has been offered opportunities to attend masterclasses which have been facilitated by the GP Champion, with consultant, medical and nurse input, to review the content of the reports, discuss actions and agree next steps. This process is ongoing, and it is anticipated all practices will have had taken up the opportunity to review their report by the end of March 2015. All of the initial practices have remained engaged throughout the project, reflecting the dedication and commitment of the practices and the operational teams. 
  • The operational and strategic representation from medical, nursing, pharmacy, the commissioning support unit and commissioning teams has strengthened partnership working, and has given organisations a collective opportunity to review current practice, agree priorities and approaches to achieve better patient outcomes, improve efficiency and consistency. 
  • The role within North Staffordshire CCG has also helped to drive the Quality Outcome Framework by supporting practices to work towards achieving the CCG’s QOF Excel Asthma scheme for 2014-15 by drawing on the knowledge and skills of the operational teams, training and educational resources and where information and resource were not available creating it. This unified approach, has driven the quality, consistency and currency of training and educational resources across North and Stoke-on-Trent CCGs and the acute trust. 
  • In addition to all practices enrolled in the project attending an initial training session, they have had access to an extensive training programme; masterclasses, 1:1 mentorship, resources, regular updates and peer support. Through this engagement GPs and practices nurses have provided ideas related to further resources needed, acted as reviewers where additional resources have been produced or are being developed. The production of a best practice toolkit has been informed by the above and the GP Champion has played a fundamental role in its development, cascade and implementation so far.  


Programme Lead

Dr Ruth Chambers
t: 0121 371 8061